On the ground floor of PODERE MELETO is the company headquarters, while on the first floor is the AGRIRELAIS FATTORIA AL MELETO.

Since 1998, the company has begun its activity by selling the grapes grown in its own vineyards, but in 2006, Maddalena and her father, Orlando, decided to vinify their own grapes.

In 2010, the new and ultra-modern cellar, a place of worship for BRUNELLO CORDELLA, was built.

The vinified grapes are the result of the 9 hectares of well-kept vineyards, precise analysis, modern agronomic practices, the careful work of the oenologists, as well as paternal experience.

It is precisely for this reason that Maddalena, the owner, has chosen to distinguish her wines and the products of her company with her own surname, to affirm the affection and passion that binds her to her family and to the territory where she lives.

Making strict and targeted choices, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, aimed at obtaining quality products born of passion and constancy, a pride for the best Italian and foreign tables, is the perfect summary of our company philosophy.